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nfsa ration card status check

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A share card is an official document issued by the national government to eligible households to receive subsidized grain from the Public Distribution System (PDS) under the National Food Security Act. It can also be used as proof of ID for Domicile certificate, birth certificate, and voting ID card, among other things. The share card form can now be purchased online. Additionally, individuals can also check the status of the share card, add names, download an e-ration card, and link the share card with the Aadhaar card through the appropriate government websites. If you are wondering how? Don't worry, we've hidden it. Here's how to apply for a share card online, check its status, and more.

Who should get an Ration card in India?

  • You must be an Indian citizen and not hold a share card of any other state
  • User must be over 18 years old to apply for a share card - children / children under the age of 18 can be included under the parents' share card
  • You have to sit and cook separately
  • The applicant and family member must be close relatives and must not have another family card in the same state.

That means the government issues two types of share cards: the Below Poverty-Line (BPL) and the non-BPL rasan card. The BPS share card consists of Blue / Yellow / Green / Red Ration cards color-coded depending on the help of various food, fuel and other supplies. Non-BPL allotment cards are white and are issued to people living in poverty.

Card Rat Status: how to check the ration card list

As the state issues a share card, the URL you need to visit to check the status of a share card varies. The URL of the UP share card website, for example, will be different from the one in Delhi. You can view the URL of your province, whether Bihar, Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh (AP), Assam, or West Bengal, via the National Food Security Portal (NFSA). Here are links to the website of the share card in some of the most popular provinces:

How to search for a word in a list of ration cards

Using Uttar Pradesh (UP) as an example, we will show you how to check out a list of ration cards online

  • Choose Uttar Pradesh from the NFSA Website
  • The eligibility list for the National Food Security Act (NFSA) will appear on your screen
  • Select a region -> City -> Location / City
  • A list of stores will appear on your screen. You can check your name and other details, by clicking on the numbers near the store owner's name in the Ration Card column
  • If you can't find your name in the list, search it using the browser finder tool. Press Cltr + F on a Windows laptop / PC ('Command + F' on Mac) and enter your name or Digitized share card number.

How to apply for a Rasan card

And the steps to apply for a grant vary from state to state. If you live in UP, here's how to apply for a share card:

  • First, click on this link to visit the NFSA website.
  • Select Uttar Pradesh from the list
  • You will be redirected to the UP assignment card site. The site language is set to Hindi by default, but if you use Chrome, you can translate it into English by clicking on the 'Translate this page' option.
  • Click the 'Home' button above the 'National Food Security Act (NFSA) eligibility list'
  • From the top menu, select the 'Download Form' option
  • Three options will appear on the screen: Ration card application form for immigrant workers, Ration card application form (rural areas), and Ration card application application (urban area). Select the category where you belong
  • Download and download the print form -> fill in the details -> and paste all the important documents
  • Lastly, visit a CSC center or Tehsil center to submit an application form

Documents required to apply for a share card are usually the following

  • Aadhaar card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size image of family members living in your home
  • PAN card
  • Past electricity bills
  • Your income certificates
  • Caste / category certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank passbook and a copy of the first page of your passbook.
  • Details of your gas connection

One Nation One Ration Card

One Nation One Ration Card ( Ration Card Portability ) is an initiative of the Indian government for immigrant workers or anyone living far from their home country.

  • With this program, beneficiaries can claim their shares anywhere in the country.
  • The One Nation One Ration card has been used throughout India in 32 provinces to date.
  • The Union Government recently launched the Mera Ration app to fund the program.
  • The app allows users to check what they are entitled to, find nearby stores share etc. It also supports biometric verification.
  • The Mera Ration app is only for Android now. All Indian citizens can sign up for the app to get food items at subsidized prices.
  • The app comes with Aadhar-based login and is available in both Hindi and English. Support for 14 regional languages ​​is expected to come soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enter a name on the Ration card?

Beneficiaries can add a new name to an existing allocation card by visiting the official website of the government for food and social services. See the 'Add to New Members' link. If possible, do not find the link, go to your nearest zonal office. Download the online form and send it with the required documents to the nearest Zonal / Mamlatdar office. When documentation and information verification is completed, the name will be entered on the assignment card.

E-Ration Card: How to download an Ration card?

You can download the e-Ration card to your device for use online. For this, go to the website of your local government department of food and social services -> select 'Get an Ration Card' -> Enter details such as the share card number, family name (HOF), and year of HoF birth, among other things -> then click Continue. If the details are correct, you will get the option to download the share card to the device.

How to link an Ration card to Aadhaar ?

  • To link your assignment card to Aadhaar, go to the nearest PDS center or CSC Center, Jan Seva Kendra.
  • Carry copies of your assignment card and copies of Aadhaar Card for all members of your family with a passport size photo of the head of the family.
  • It is also possible to issue a copy of your bank pass letter, if the bank account is not linked to Aadhaar
  • The representative may request confirmation of fingerprints to link the assignment card to Aadhaar. OTP will also be sent to your registered mobile number.

The authorities will process all your documents and a notification will appear if your share card is successfully connected to Aadhaar cards.


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